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Mistress Matira - where are you from?

Mistress Matira is a goddess from another, more perfect world - the
perfect world we dream of here on Earth: limitless health, ageless
beauty and kinky good times.

She has achieved what puny Earthlings can barely comprehend for themselves. It is her mission to enlighten us all.

In her crusade ampicillin gentamicin to improve humanity's lot, she condescends to work us
through our pain to the ultimate glory of complete self-satisfaction.

She demands but one payment - total submission..........

Join Matira, our cosmic-comic emissary from the center of the Pleiades, as she pushes us past the threshold of pain. Our sufferings and pleasure will merge in an exploration of the Mind / Body connection. As agony and ecstasy unite, we hurtle at warp speed to the next level in the ascension process. Our planetary destiny is laid bare.

The Goddess of Interplanetary Discipline warmly accepts the challenge and transforms mindless drudgery into a fetish sacrament for her faithful. Her devotees accept the struggle, earn their freedom from the chains of habit, and return again and again for one of life's greatest fulfillments - optimal fitness.

So there! The Mistress of Muscle has spoken.

About the “earthly” Mistress:

The Mistress is a channeled entity whose worldly disciplines include a background in dance, pilates, nutrition and alternative health. Her certifications include aerobics (AFAA), body sculpting, mat exercise, group cycling (Rebock), aquatic exercise (AEA)," Touch for Health", special populations and trance dance. Matira is a comedienne performing regularly in local clubs, TV, (such as a recent "Anna Nicole" episode), as well as her own weekly radio broadcast on KCLA. She can be booked for personal appearances, conventions and parties. Please contact


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